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          Aquaria are so remarkable that you can even make your own. All that is required is a little pre-planned engineering and glass thick enough to support the weight of the water which it will contain. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8 pounds. A ten gallon aquarium full of water and lined with gravel can easily weigh 100 pounds. Glass with a thickness of 3/16 of an inch is usually strong enough for aquaria up to 50 gallons. Glass with a thickness of of an inch would be recommended for aquaria larger than 50 gallons. Once the glass has been purchased and cut at a local hardware store, a non-toxic silicone adhesive is needed to bond the glass panels together. Non-toxic silicone adhesives that are for the repair and construction of all-glass aquaria can usually be purchased at a local pet store or at a local discount store. A top and bottom frame is required for added support to relieve some of the pressure on the silicone seams. Without this support, our newly constructed aquarium would soon begin to leak causing quite a wet mess.

          Whether you make your own aquarium or purchase one from a local pet store, what you put in your aquarium makes it your aquarium. You may use brightly colored gravel to line the bottom of your aquarium, or you may use brown gravel and try for the "natural" look. You may want to cover much of your aquarium with plant-life.

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