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          Fish selection is not the only key to a beautiful aquarium. Details such as background scenery, rock shelves, plants, many other decorations, and even the gravel that lines the bottom of the aquarium, all enrich and accent the beauty of the fish kept in the aquarium. The interior decorator in all of us can be set free. Careful attention paid to the most minute details when creating an aquarium environment will be most gratifying when all is completed.

          Several factors must be kept in mind when first entering the hobby to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

1. Size of the aquarium (some fish will live happily in a 10-gallon aquarium, while other fish require larger aquaria. Buy the largest aquarium you can afford.)

2. Size of the fish you would like to keep.

3. Compatibility of the species you would like to keep together. (Water quality, temperature range, food requirements, and social preferences must be taken into account. Fish canít be purchased solely for aesthetic reasons.) Ask the store where you purchase your fish about compatible species.

          Most of all, have fun with your new pets. Properly cared for, they will give you years of enjoyment.

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