Copyright 1999 AquaChem Publishing

by: Kevin J. Ruff

ou’ve been wanting to enter the exciting world of tropical fish for quite some time now, but where do you begin? Why not start with the aquarium? The aquarium is the base unit for the hobby. Without it, you would have no home for newly purchased fish. Aquaria can be elaborate or simple. The degree of creativity in a hobbyist’s aquarium is what makes his aquarium unique to him and no-one else. Aquaria are produced in all shapes and sizes. They range from 21/2 gallons all of the way up to 150 gallons and can be cubic, rectangular, or even octagonal.

          When purchasing an aquarium, remember to consider its size and shape and the location in which it is to be placed. If you are planning to take advantage of natural lighting in the aquarium location, it's usually better to place the aquarium directly opposite the natural light source.

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