Excerpts with permission from Jeffrey C. Howe


        ...If you have been looking for a text written for the layperson that explains water chemistry in detail and how it relates to freshwater aquaria, look no further.  As a professional chemist, Dr. Ruff has been maintaining and breeding tropical fishes for about 15 years….

…The e-book CD is professionally packaged in an attractive black, plastic DVD case, with a full wrap-around jacket.  At this point, it was a simple task of placing the CD (which by the way is attractively labeled) in the CD drive, boot up Acrobat Reader (I used version 5.0) and opening up the “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Freshwater Aquarium Chemistry …” PDF file.  At this point you have the option to print out a hard copy, search the text by keyword, or scroll through the text while seated at your computer....

…From the amount of email I receive concerning pH, it is quite evident that a lot of aquarists have a superficial understanding of pH.  This chapter, especially the latter four sections will be of great value to aquarists.


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