Customer Comments:


...Thanks for a providing such a clear, detailed report! I really got my money's worth. After reading the report, I purchased the winners in the pH and Nitrate categories. My confidence in the results is higher and my costs are lower. 
     I wish I'd read your report before wasting more than $50 on some of the lower-ranked products!

D. Millman, San Jose, CA



...I received my order with no problems.  I found the info to be very helpful.  I own several different manufacturer's test kits for pH and GH/KH and found discrepancies in the results I was getting doing water tests.  The info you sent me helped me decide which test kits I will rely on in the future.  Thank you very much....

 G. Kish, Midlothian, VA



    ...The books (["Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Freshwater Aquarium Chemistry, But Didn't Know Who to Ask"] & [Freshwater] Test Kit Review) were exactly what I was looking for.  I've read them both through a couple of times and taken notes.  I expect to read them several times more.  They are great.  Let me know if you develop any new books.  Thanks for your prompt and courteous service ... and for great products....

S. Martin                    



...I am very pleased with my Freshwater Test Kit Review Book.  I found it very informative and the book will help me maintain my aquarium more effectively....

M.T. Onuma, Pearl City, HI