Hours of enjoyment can be had by all by just simply watching your fish swim in their own miniature biosphere. Many species of fish are quite playful and almost appear to be performing for the viewers. Watching the miracle of birth occur in any species of animal is incredible, and live-bearing tropical fish are no exception. Actually seeing the fry (baby fish) enter into life folded almost completely in half and still attached to a yolk sac is hard to imagine. The fry unfolds and lives off of the yolk sac for the next few days. This is, however, a description of only one baby fish. There are usually at least three or four more of his brothers and sisters to watch as well.

          Approximately 375 species of tropical fish are kept by hobbyists today. Each species can have several variations through selective breeding by past aquarists. Itís not unlikely to find three or four different variations of just one species of tropical fish. These variations promote a wide selection of over 650 different fish. With careful selection when purchasing, this large variety can allow for a lively and colorful aquarium.

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