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You may want to put a background scenery on your aquarium. Large sea shells or a shale rock shelf are always added attractions. You may even want to purchase a plastic decoration that uses air to drive some moving part. Always remember to thoroughly clean all decorations with a warm salt solution before placing them in the aquarium. Never use detergents, as residues from them can harm the fish. Rinse the decorations to remove any excess salt, although low levels of salt are tolerated by most fish -- some species even prefer it.

          Plants, like aquaria, come in all shapes and sizes. They can be tall and skinny, or short and fat, have fine leaves, or have broad leaves. There is even the choice of purchasing live or plastic plants. Both live and plastic plants have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, live plants help to provide the water with small quantities of oxygen for the fish to breathe, however, the live plants can die from many different causes. Dead decaying plants usually lead to water fouling. You may want to be safe and purchase the immortal plastic plants.

          Whatever your final choice of decorations, remember to be creative -- be an artist -- create a unique and beautiful aquarium of which you can be proud. Show your aquarium to your family and friends; see if they are impressed by your creation.

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