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by: Kevin J. Ruff

he feeding of tropical fish is left up to somewhat loose guide- lines. In general, these are, 1) feed fish as much as they will consume in five minutes, 2) feed fish an average of twice a day. If these guidelines are followed closely, overfeeding should not occur and the fish should appear happy and healthy.

          Types of tropical fish food are many. Fish prefer live food to all other types of food, however, live food can be expensive and consequently impractical. Some live food, however, is recommended for a well-balanced diet. There are many live foods available that hobbyists do not realize. Live earthworms diced into small enough pieces for your fish to ingest are a good source of protein and should be heartily eaten. Mosquito larvae are another good source of protein, but as larvae soon grow into adults, they are not preferred by many hobbyists as live food in the fish’s diet.

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