Brine shrimp eggs can be purchased in a pet store and then hatched and raised in your home, and are also a good source of protein.

          Probably the best all-around type of fish food, with regard to expense, practicality, and eager consumption by fish, is a frozen type of food. Frozen foods retain much of the protein that is lost in freeze drying and still have much of the flavor of the live versions, and are reasonably inexpensive compared to most live forms of food. Brine shrimp are available in the frozen as well as live form, and are probably the most popular form of live or frozen food used by hobbyists today. Other frozen foods are also available at your local pet stores.

          The next types of tropical fish foods to be discussed are the freeze-dried types. These types are probably the most commonly used due to the limited time schedules of most hobbyists. Many different variations of freeze-dried foods are available, the most common one being flaked. Freeze-dried flaked foods come in many types also.  Basic formulas are very common; color-enhancing formulas and growth-enhancing formulas are also very common. Freeze-dried versions of the frozen and live forms of food are also available. Freeze-dried brine shrimp flakes and freeze-dried tubifex worms can be found in most pet or fish stores.

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